If, at any point when using Hipstamatic 300-Series you find yourself missing a piece or two of gear (a single lens, or a couple of films, for example), but have other items from the original pak, then these instructions will help you restore that missing item. It's now possible to restore a single piece of gear, without having to run the entire Restore Purchases process. This should quickly and easily help you restore a single item of missing gear.

Start by opening the Hipstamart (the shopping cart icon) in the app itself.

Tap on the My Gear link in the bottom right.

If you're missing a lens, next tap on My Lenses

If you're missing a film, next tap on My Films

And so on... if you're missing a case or flash.

Then, scroll down on that gear page, until you find the item you're missing. 

If it has a cloud icon next to it, try tapping that.

If it has an OFF/ON switch next to it, make sure that's set to ON.

That *should* help you restore any items you're missing, after the rest of your paks have restored. However, if you're still missing any gear that you've had previously, please don't fret. We can give you a hand getting that restored. Please send an email to: support@hipstamaticapp.com